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Documentation Outsourcing

TechTotal can work collaboratively with your team and provides the necessary people, process and technology to effectively outsource your documentation needs while your teams focus on design and development.

We have the capability to understand complex technological products and can develop appropriate documentation for specific audiences and purposes. TechTotal can provide these services on a Fixed Bid model or Time & Material model, as needed.

To provide effective and quick documentation solutions, TechTotal we will assign resources such as project managers, senior technical writers, reviewers, graphic designers and authoring tools experts.

Working Methodology

Instructional Designing
Information Sources

Most of our source information comes from your design specifications, interviews with your product designers, our existing knowledge of your technology, competitive or prior-art documents and if applicable use of your product.

We normally begin with background reading of your design specifications and competitive or prior-art documents. During this reading, we generate notes that form the basis for interviews and the beginning of our writing. We conduct interviews with your product designers and marketing staff. The interviews can be conducted on-site or by email/telephone. If possible, we use your product.

Instructional Designing

When we understand your product, we begin organizing, writing, and illustrating. During the writing, we focus on clear organization, accuracy, and completeness. We write using industry-standard terms, so that readers can understand it quickly. We create tables comparing data, cross-references, and indexes that help readers random-access the content quickly. And we observe laws protecting trademarks and copyrights.

We use the most robust, cross-platform software tools for writing, illustration, and page layout. These tools and the file formats they export, are widely used throughout industry. After we write, we edit to improve clarity and reading speed. After our edits, we deliver Draft Version for your review.

Instructional Designing

We typically prepare two review drafts - Rough Draft and final Draft; before delivering the final document. All review drafts are fully formatted. You can show them to your customers. When we receive your comments on Draft Version, we incorporate them and deliver Draft Version 2. Likewise, we incorporate your Draft Version 2 comments and deliver the final document.

Instructional Designing
Document Ownership

Your company owns the technical documents we write for you. We declare this in our contract with you and in a copyright notice on the cover of each document that we write for you. We give you a complete set of computer files for the documentation at the end of the project.


We deliver the final document in a format suitable for your needs. We can create PDF, HTML, hardcopy, online Help and other formats.